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behringer ub2442fx pro


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we currently use a behringer ub2442fx pro mixer at church. can someone explain to me how the 4 subgroups work? ie on the individual channels I can group sections ie instruments and vocals to subgroups 1&2 or 3&4. the left / right buttons above the subgroup faders also confuse me. how does one make use of all 4 of the subgroups? I cant figure it out, and the manual only has a few lines that dont help much.



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One of the main issues with groups is that in many cases you only get what are really two stereo groups. The pan control adjusts the amount to 1 and 2, or 3 and 4. This isn't very helpful if you don't want stereo grouping - as in the main vocals or other sources that get panned central. They waste a group. Some cleverer mixers allow the group faders to be assigned to the stereo main out individually, so a main vocal group using just one fader can feed l and r. In your case, the Behringer handles the groups quite nicely.


Let's say that group 1 is vocals, then pan the vox channel fader to the left, and assign the group one master to both left and right - you could do the same with another central source on group two. Groups 3 and 4 could be maybe drums in panned stereo - get the idea. If this isn't enough, you could assign some sources on the channel strip direct to the main mix, and have others routed via group faders. Quite useful design. I had an old 19" rack mount Soundcraft where the channel had to be sent to 1&2, or 3&4 - not both, or neither. This was nowhere near so useful in practice.

Hope this helps


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I went through the same process you are going through with this mixer. The manual is fine if you already know how to use the thing.


I worked it out using the Block Diagram from here.


You can assign each channel to Sub group 1-2 or to Subgroup 3-4.


If you assign it to 1-2 then you can assign the channel to Subgroup 1 (pan hard left), subgroup 2 (pan hard right) or any combination of the two by panning between the extremes.


The subgroup can be allocated to the Left, right or both sides of the Main mix using the Left Right buttons.


As paulears says you can use these as two stereo subgroups eg vocals and instruments. You can however use them as four mono sub groups if it suits your purposes.



Input 1

Select Subgroup 1-2

panned hard left

Left and Right Buttons Down on Subgroup 1

Mono sound should come out both sides.


Have a play and see.

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