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Playback Poll


Playback Poll  

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  1. 1. What play back does everyone use for theatre applications?

    • SFX
    • G-Type
    • Showman
    • SoundTracs
    • SCS
    • Other

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I use PCStage, and I know others here use CSMD, and I seem to recall a Instant Replay fan too, so a fair amount of non-representation there, this subject has been discussed a good few times, so I'm surprised that your searching prior to posting didnt unearth this...?


As I write this its 3 all to SFX and other, SFX claims to be number one in this market segment, and I have no reason to doubt them.

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I started a poll very similar to this not so long ago. Everyone has there own personal favourite, personally I opt for SFX every time... tad expensive but worth the money!




P.S. Link from the poll I did last year. Some very interesting comments!



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Really I needed a multiple choice poll.


SFX is my main software, but I have used SCS as well. However, for specific projects (most commonly panto) where there is a more random nature to the cues, I often use good old freeware "Soundplant".



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