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Cheapest lighting hire


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It really isn't possible to answer your question in any meaningful way without a lot more information. How much kit of what sort? For example, if you want a couple of 500W fresnels then a local company makes sense, a couple of dozen Mac2000s you get quotes nationwide.


Have a read of this post by Bryson.


If this thread degenerates into a list of suppliers all over the country, or a slagging off of a supplier without supporting evidence, we will unleash the locks of war...

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Kave are ok for a small company.


They did the production management for us for a outside gig in haywards heath last year and also put all the flying into a sports hall for us. Efficient and nice people.


Bev is one of the Mds of the company but I can certainly reccommend speaking to a guy called Ben Jenkins. Very very nice bloke.


Worth looking at.

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