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... that will probably require an additional staff member in H&S to carry out an initial inspection, then maintain an annual inventory of reflective stripes

Are those stripes assets or consumables? Its an important budgetary question, capital expenditure or revenue. Accountants will need to know these things :angry:


Is it actually possible to put on a show in the UK?

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Also I believe it s employers duty to provide PPE but employees duty/choice to use them.Of course this is all subject to risk assesment!


Er, no. If it is provided by the employer, you must use it where the employer has deemed it necessary.

The only time you may have a case is if the use of the PPE is inappropriate such that it creates risks that weren't there before (like hard hats dropping to the ground from a height - usually because the spec of the PPE isn't appropriate)


To meet the EN standard, a hi vis for such work needs two rows of reflective stripe.

PPE is an area generally where complying with the EN standards is legally necessary.


Couldn't find the OP, but never mind.

I could - quote fixed

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