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Hi all


I am after a 1U audio selector switching unit.


Basically I am installing a small system into a pub and it is to have 2 uses.


Firstly there is a small Yami 8 channel powered mixer going in for use by local acts (duo’s etc). Then the same system is to be used by the bar staff to playback CD, VHS/ DVD and sometimes poke the sound though from a TV tuner for watching sporting events.


We have to take it that the visiting acts will cope with the powered mixer and will have a bit of savvy to use the kit.


However for the CD / DVD etc playback the thought of some bar staff fiddling about with gains end EQ on each channel is a non starter. Therefore I intend to use the stereo input via a selector switcher so that they can just select the desired input (CD/ DVD etc) and away they go.


To date I have only found some desk top switcher units (real cheapo kit), and I would like a 1U unit that can be mounted in the rack so that no idiot can mess around with the connections – plus it makes things nice and neat.


Any suggestions or am I into building something ?



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I'd recommend a Soundweb 9026 Matrix switch. There are connectors on the back which you can wire up to a pot for adjusting volume and to a resistor array for switching sources.


We use one for our 'building' sources (cd / jukebox / video / tv / etc) while still allowing the bar staff to control the volume.

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D'oh. Just pipped to the post. Kramer certainly do some devices that might do the job. Something like:

4x4A for a very basic model.

VS-55A For a rack mountable switch

VS-4x for a stereo XLR switcher


I'm sure Extron do simillar products too, but I can't find them on the website, and I don't have a copy of the catalogue/Bible at home...


Feel free to drop me a PM if you want an idea on pricing for either manufacturer.

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