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Loony Bin

Ben Lawrance

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Hi All,


I have been offered some second hand Subs. He called them "Loony Bins"


I thought this was a nickname, but after some googleing(sp??), turns out there are actuall cabs. Look quite nice too.


http://www.proaudioparts.co.uk/looneybin.asp Will bring up a bit of blurb.


Has anyone ever seen /used / heard them?



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IIRC these are a slight modification to Rog Mogales design on the 1850 Horn. I have heard some of the original designs and was rather impressed.

The looney bin is said to go slightly lower and is around 3db louder (significant) than the original designs.


The origianl design can still be found on www.speakerplans.com


I suppose it depends on application. for large scale stuff you'd need multiples of these stacked and array properly to make the most out of them, but if they are as the ones I heard then you shoudln't have any problems. if they ARE a noticeable improvement then all the better.





.......realised that it says all that on the page you linked to so you know this. but even so.... still a pretty good sub IMO.

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Hi there


If you go to speakerplans.com there is a link to a forum. Loads of people there have a lot of experience with these subs and could probably offer you some good advice as well.


From what I've heard they're good speakers. I was going to have a crack at building some myself but soon realised how many hours would be involved!



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I've had quite a few of these things come through and can confirm they are actually very good - and wear well. I have to admit to attempting to build a pair myself, but despite being handy and having plenty of equipment, I found the task a bit much. The ready made licenced versions are a much better deal.


The snag with building them is the many different chamfer angles to make the internal joints match. Pretty easy to do if you were making a big batch, but looked like a pain for just two of everything.

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