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Rode NTG1 shotgun

Ian Cunningham

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Currently I use AKG C568s (beacuse I own them) or Sennheiser MKH418s (because they sound great and can be hired easily)

I would now like to increase my stock - the easy choice is more C568s but I'm looking at alternatives



I've been very impressed with the Rode mics that I've used (NT1 and NT4) so the new shotgun looks interesting (especially at £120+VAT list)


Has anyone used these? If so what did you think of them?


At that price its almost worth buying them to try them out then sticking them on E-bay if I don't like them!




Ian Cunningham

Solus Technical Services

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Yes...I have a couple and am very impressed.


I've tried them up against my Sennheiser 416s and they come darn close in quality. I now carry one as a backup to the Senny and would have no hesitation in using one.


BTW, in my case, I went for the NTG2...the identical mic but capable of being self powered. Unless you need the shorter tube length, it might be worth considering the NTG2 since is adds to the flexibility.



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