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Amperite SR80 Ribon mic connections


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Hi, I was asking questions about this last week as a follow up to a simillar thread on vintage sure mics.


I have been experimenting a little since then and thought I would share my findings in case anyone else found them useful.


I couldnt get any signals from the mics connector and on opening the switch I could see that it had been tampered with and was looking pretty messy. I decided to give it a new cable with XLR connector so I prepared a cable with connector and bared the other ends.


I opened the mics casing and saw three wires. One which was connected to pin one on the mics original connector was soldered straight to the transformer casing therefore grounding the whole mic. As this coresponds to conventional XLR wiring I thought it would be a safe bet to solder my new cable ground to that point so that is what I did. The other two wires came out of the transformer with no markings to give me a clue. I plugged my cable into my mixer and tried holding each wire in turn against the hot wire in my cable. Apart from some hum neither produced a sound. I then tried connecting one wire to the hot and one to the cold wires in my cable and I then had a working mic. Reversing the two wires didnt seem to have any effect so I solderd it all up like that and tried recording a few sounds. The signal is very week but amplifies to give a fairly pleasant sound with vocals.


I am now wondering whether I should have tried connecting my ground wire to one of the wires from the transformer as that is the only thing I didnt try. What does anyone else think ? Also, is a comparably weak signal normal for vintage ribbon mics?

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