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So there I am minding my own business having just shut down the lighitng desk in a hurry to get to the bar durign Panto on Sunday evening. I realise that I've forgotten to take all the dimmers down to zero (duh) so I switch on the desk - but there's nothing!!! No power what so ever.


I check all the usual suspects and there's power to the desk - bugger!!!! Lift up the lid (It's a Strand 520i) nothing amiss - time to phone a friend - who in this case happens to be the Hire company Viking Stage Lighting. I have to make a couple of calls (it is 11pm by now) but Ian Lenord confirms my diagnosis that it's the boards power supply that's gone down.


At this point you should be aware I'm in Godalming - he's 3-4 hrs away in Norwich I have a 2:30 matinee and my show is saved on the desk hard drive and not on a floppy oh and because there's 14 moving lights in the rig a reprogramme on another desk isn't a 5 minute job


At 09:00 Monday morning I get a phone call to say he's 30 mins away (Damn him - that was my lie in gone) he arrived with new desk, spare PSU and laptop in case we had to recover data from the hard drive 1 hour later (we'd had coffee) we were back up right as rain



WHAT BRILLIANT SERVICE. A BIG UP to Viking Stage lighting - and to all you other hire companies out there which promise similar service but don't deliver TAKE NOTE!!! (I know a lot of you do give similar service too)


A couple of little points to note if all had really gone wrong I could have borrowed another 520 from a theatre or friend around here and swapped the drives over .. Yes, Yes I know I should have saved a copy on floppy too *slap wrists*


Also in 5 years of using this desk - pretty much full time shows plus I've never had a problem with it.


All the same it's good to know you have cast iron backup when you need it Well done again Viking!

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