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par 56 light curtain


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I have heard about this thomas par 56 light curtain thats for sale but I dont have a clue what it is. if any one knows a website because I can't find one anywere(I can't even find the thomas website) could you please let me know

cheers chris

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Guest lightnix

To be honest, I'm not sure if James Thomas actually make tungsten light curtains any more (they don't seem to have any on their site) , although there are still a fair few available for hire.


Basically, they consist of a line of 8(?) PAR56 lamps in a batten-type enclosure, which, when pointed downwards through smoke, create a curtain of light.


Very 1980s :rolleyes: When light curtains do show up these days, they tend to be of the DHA Digital variety

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cheers for that I now know what it is but do you recone the same sort of effect could be created with 15 narrow beam par 56's across a small stage

Personally, I'd recone a speaker, not a Par56. :rolleyes:


But yes, as long as you have a narrowish stage and put the lanterns close enough together you could get a reasonable sort of light curtain effect that way. Use the narrowest lamp you can lay your hands on, and put the units as close together as possible.


Oh, and for future reference, when you're typing in your Blue Room posts, you'll see a "Check Spelling" button underneath the right hand side of the text entry box ...... it works rather well ......

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