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Strobe light controlling DMX,Mono1/4???


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I'm trying to build a DMX(XLR connection)footswitch to momentarily turn on a bank of linked strobes.


2 DMX American dj mega flashes DMX/XLR(3pin) linking.

I also own a Chauvet DMX50 control board, but it's strobe is 1/4 jack mono signal.

I would like to build a pedal to send a signal to the strobes to flash. Ea. tap pedal quickly,strobes both flash once instantly.

Press and hold pedal, strobes flash as fast as the master strobe is set.

These strobes aren't instant when the pedal controls the 110v power.

Only DMX or 1/4mono signals activate an instant flash.

In short.....I need imfo on building a pedal to send a DMX512, or a signal to tell my DMX Megaflashs to flash.

I only need a signal to tell the strobes to flash as fast as you tap the pedal, and strobe when the pedal is held down.



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mac.calder summed up what you are after, any on/off sustain pedal will probably do the job, (depending on whether its press-to-make or break)


I think the problem you will have is that you are asking it to do quite a complex thing. You want it essentially operate in two modes, single flash and sustained. If it is a simple switch remote (never used a chauvet so dont know) then you will only get sustained, you might get away with this if you have the strobe rate set low enough that you can time your foot presses right. One possibility is to make two foot switches, both plugged into the same socket, and one with a push to make switch for sustained and a suitable (not that anything comes to mind) switch in the other for a single flash.

Anything more sophisticated (a DMX outputting footpedal for example) is a hugely more complex requirement, and not worth attempting unless you can handle stuff like PIC chips, or can find someone to build one for you.


It may be possible to bodge an extra remote socket on your controller, which may give you an easier solution. But again, not having used a Chauvet DMX50, I cant say. (or even wire something in the place of a fader, so you can push one pedal and get the fader at say 50% and the other and get 100% assuming its got a fader.. :biggrin: )

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Assuming your strobes are American DJ Mega Flash DMX, a quick perusal of the manual suggests this may be a tad hard.


The strobes operate either as stand alone at a rate set on the back panel control, or sound-to-light, or under DMX control, there is no jack input. Thus to control these things remotely you need a DMX controller, either a desk mount box with an added foot controller, or a DMX controller as a pedal.


Whats important is that the strobe DMX requirement is not special, its the same as any other DMX device, so there is no such thing as a DMX strobe output. Your desk has a jack output for older strobes that were triggered off of a voltage pulse. You can drive the strobe as a fixture from the desk.


So, you can plug the strobe DMX cable straight into your DMX50 desk, and desk faders and memories will make the strobe work. (I'm assuming here you address the desk and strobe correctly)


Your desk features MIDI control, but the manual doesnt say exactly what it does, so some experimentation is called for, and a MIDI pedalboard (maybe one already on stage?) could drive the controller which would drive the strobes.


Or you could get a DMX foot controller like this American DJ / Elation FC-400



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