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If I want to use a track of music (in this case by The KLF) in a show where an entry fee is being charged - do I need to to contact the band/producers to tell them I am using it and/or pay royalties. What sort of cost would a track be (in royalties)?
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You'll most likely have to contact the Performing Rights Society . You are likely to have to get in touch with the Phonegraphic Performance Limited and maybe also the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society


Note that using the track as part of the production will require a different licence to using it as incidental music, such as pre-show or interval music.


Some colleges have, I believe, a blanket licence that allows for a time limit of copyrighted material, 25 minutes say, for an educational aspect.


Read through the web-sites.


The theatre manager for the venue may also be able to help you



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