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Changes to the Classifieds Forum for 2006


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Changes to the Classifieds Forum for 2006


As of 1st January 2006, Blue Room members will notice that the Classifieds section of the site has undergone a few changes. For details, please refer to the terms & conditions relating to this particular section of the site.


Basically, the changes are as follow :


We now have a new "Situations Wanted" section, to which those seeking employment within the business can post. For further information and a guide to posting in that forum, please follow this link.


Also, we have made some changes to our "For Sale" section, whereby all ads (except those for low-value items) will now be subject to a small charge. Please click on this link for further information.


Finally, all of us at the Blue Room would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a happy, peaceful and prosperous 2006.

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