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Terms & Conditions / How to post a Situation Wanted advert


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Blue Room "Situations Wanted" Forum

Terms And Conditions

Welcome to the Blue Room "Situations Wanted" forum.


This section of the site is for people to post messages if they're seeking employment (full-time or freelance) in the technical entertainment business. It is intended for those members whose primary line of work is in the technical entertainment business and who are seeking professional positions - for those seeking work experience placements or temporary vacation work, there's our "Graduates & Students Available For Work" section.


The rules, terms & conditions for this forum (in addition to the global Blue Room T&Cs) are as follows :

  1. Posts will only be accepted from those Blue Room members who are aged 16 or over, who have made a number of useful contributions to the forums, and who are seeking paid employment within the industry. Students seeking vacation work or placements should post in the appropriate section of the site as detailed above.
  2. Posts will not be accepted from Companies seeking new clients.
  3. The title of the post should be of the format "Your Full Name : Your Job Title", and the subtitle should give your location.
  4. All posts should contain (and be limited to) the following information :
    • Your name
    • Your contact information
    • The geographical area in which you're willing to work
    • The type of work that you're seeking
    • The number of years' professional experience that you have
    • A summary of that experience in 50 words or less

You may also include a link to an externally-hosted CV or resume - we do not offer the facility to host such files internally.

[*]All posts will be pre-moderated - i.e. once submitted they will need to be approved by a moderator before they appear on the forum. The decision of the moderators regarding whether or not to approve a particular post is final.

[*]You may only submit one post to the forum. Due to global forum settings, this post can only be edited by you for the first two hours. After that please PM a moderator, who will update it for you.


PLEASE NOTE: unless you have made a sufficient number of qualifying posts you will not be able to post into this section.

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