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Scenic Cloth Hire

Tom Baldwin

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Looking to hire some scenic painted legs for this year's pantomime, but failing to find useful places to hire from - any BR suggestions much appreciated.


Am looking to hire:


4 off leg 8' wide, 20' drop, painted medieval castle stonework (exterior). Some greenery on the stonework would also be OK.


An alternative to a pair of legs would be a cloth at least 16' wide, again 20' drop.





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Might be a complete waste of time this, but try calling UK Productions (01483 423600) - they do loads of Pantos, and do sets to hire etc, so might be able to do you just a cloth. I know when I did their Cinderella (2002/3) they had a cloth almost exactly what you were after, so they might have something 'in stock' they can hire to you.





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You could try Clifford and Brown in warwickshire.


They have a number of cloths that you can browse online, I cannot see any mention of legs, but they do tend to go with the territory.


One caveat: be careful if you ever hire flattage, I have seen sets from them that are too bit for the stage, with heavy extensions on the top of the flats making them difficult to move without doing yourself an injury.



Also, I do not know the bane of the company, but the cloths for the (Paul Holman Associates) panto I did last year came from a company in Wales - they were lovely to hemp fly, being made of light calico, but they were fussy about how they were flolded.






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