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Blue Room Goes Christmas...


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In true seasonal spirit, the Blue Room have just launched our Christmas-themed image set. For the duration of the festive period, the Blue Room will be donned with various seasonal decor. If you have any problems viewing the new images, try a forced refresh (Ctrl+F5). This should solve any image loading issues.


For those of you who are just too stingy to enjoy Christmas, I've also left the non-christmas theme enabled. To switch between themes, use the drop down box in the bottom left of your screen. Select New Blue Room Skin, and quicker than you can say 'bah humbug', you'll be back in novermberland.


Keep your eyes peeled for more festive additions as the month progresses. In the mean time, don't eat too many mince pies and keep your reindeer fed and watered.






PS: My appologies for the dodgy snow fall effect... if anyone is better versed with Adobe ImageReady, let me know....

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