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Does anyone know if the forthcoming DDA regulations apply to temporary venues? Or where one can get authoritative guidance on DDA issues specifically effecting theatres, places of public entertainment etc?

Or am I the only person even contemplating tearing what remains of my hair out on this issue?

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It's a big issue for everyone, notice the special area for wheelchair users at all the festivals!!!


So I think, if the temporary venue does not suit the needs of the persons who may wish to be present, then, you will have to explore the neccessary avenues to make it accessible so far as is reasonably practicable.


Your local council/LA should be able to give you the best pointers. If not PM me and I'll dig out as much as I can for you hopefully in the digital domain.



Hope that helps



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Not sure what you mean by 'forthcoming' as the DDA came into force some time ago, though certain bits are yet to come in (e.g. the requirement to physically alter buildings to suit doesn't come in until October 2004).


Basically, you are required to make "reasonable adjustments" so that disabled people can use your facilities/services unless you can justify not doing so - e.g. health and safety grounds or the necessary changes being in opposition to the fundamental nature of your business (so flashing lights can continue in discos, even though it may trigger epileptic fits - as for strobes in theatres I'd be interested what judgment would be passed in court...).


I'd not go so far as to tear my hair out, but I'd be concerned as you can be hit pretty hard for failing to comply. Also, looking to the future, where are you going to get the money to put in disabled access to your building by the end of 2004?


Some links:



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In response to the various [valuable] points....


Yes I know "forthcoming" is probably misleading - I am thinking here about the building compliance issues


Local authority is not being very helpful here - that is probably because they own the buildings that need to be made compliant and are reluctant to bite this particular bullet. I have been able to secure 137K out of the SAC for improvements, but they [not unreasonably] refuse to subsidise what are legal requirements - so back to the local authority....


Actually, my enquiry was more related to the other side of my job - staging outside/installation/one off events. Also the wider implications for anyone doing this kind of work.


For instance, a few weeks ago I watched a production in an Edinburgh flat by Grid Iron. This was a promenade show staged in rooms on all three floors - would this kind of work be deemed to be unacceptable? Huge implications for much of the fringe I would have thought....

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