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  1. I got another RQ30 (sold for parts) and combined the working parts to make one functioning machine, and it is likely to work correctly! Anyhow, thank you for your advice: swarpman, timsabre. My next task is to "utilize" this RQ30. Does anyone know the answers of following question?: 1. Can I replace the floppy drive of RQ30 to 2HD floppy drive or something newer media? (e.g. CF, SD, etc...) (What kind of the format for RQ30's floppy? 2D? 2DD? / Original format or Compatible with PC/AT or something?) 2. Does RQ30 have "All Clear" command? I want to erase all memories in the submasters and chasers. 3. I want to retrofit RQ30 to output DMX signal. Does anyone know the good idea to do it? This may be off the track, but there are very few forums to talk topics like this... excuse me.
  2. My RQ30 has a problem that is similar to this: http://forum.avolites.com/viewtopic.php?t=1056 Outputs of even channels(2,4,6,8...) don't become lower than about 14%, regardless of any operations. Odd channels(1,3,5,7...) are always about 3~5% too. I set the GrandMaster to zero, but the wrong outputs are still wrong. I sent an email to Avolites but they said RQ30 is so old that they cannot show me any manuals... Does anyone have any ideas??
  3. Could anyone show me any manuals or circuit diagrams of Rolacue 30 or Rolacue 60? I got a junk RQ30 and want to repair it. well a quick look through my rolacue 60 instruction manual suggests its for linking consoles in master/slave mode perhaps we should get together and attempt rolacue "desk link mode" the master desk will display "boss" and the slave desk will display "serf" my rolacue was recently fitted with DMX output cards :) and the horrible power XLR connector finally retired in favour of a powercon
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