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Crossfade Ramp


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Hello again,


I have been toying with Artist (a bit of software that outputs DMX for lights, and has chase generators and the like in it). I have been toying with music-to-light by having a chase which alternates between a set of lights, one set being red, the other being blue. These lights are set in a way that they wash the entire stage. What I am after is an opinion on the best ramp to use when crossfading from red to blue and vice versa.


I guess our Alcora probably uses a Linear Fade, but Artist supports many more:


Sine 1

Sine 2


Inverse Parabola


I guess it's a bit of a trivial question without seeing the fades in real life - just wondered if anyone had used the same kind of ramps and which one worked for them.




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There is no single answer.


It depends on the dimmer packs curve, the fixture in question and what you want(!)

I'd recommend getting some time with a pair of fixtures and playing with the different crossfades until you find one you like.


As a general rule linear doesn't look too good. However, some dimmer packs already adjust for tungsten fades so although it's linear on the desk the power supplied doesn't vary in a linear fashion anyway.

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