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Ansi Lumens ?

mark b

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Here is a trickey one. Just seen the spec for the new mac 550. The blurb claims to produce 9,700 lumens from a 400w source. Now I am confused as I thought that mac 500's chucked out 16,000 or so lumens? Are martin using a different measurement technique? Am I wrong? (quite probable). And does anybody know how to convert readings in LUX to Ansi lumens? Why am I asking weird questions on a sunday morning!? help.
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The Lumen is the measure for luminous flux which is the total light output of a source.


The Lux is the measure of illuminance which is the amount of light falling on a surface of a given size and it's in lumens/sq m.


So in the mac550 we have 9750 lumens generated by the lamp consuming 400W, which actually seems a bit low. The implied efficiency from this is about 24 lumens/watt where I'd expect closer to 95.


To work out the lux you need to know the beam angle of the optics and the distance from the surface being lit.

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