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Try City and West - they've always been competitive for me (with free next-day delivery in London, however small the order :D ), except for those low-wattage SL/Source 4 thingies (GKV???), when I've had to go to White Light et al for a decent price. City & West's number is 020 8885 6655.
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But don't even look at the prices on the web site. I think T29's are on there at about £90 each. The actual price is more around the £12 mark.


Very good stuff as well.



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Make sure you get a quote from Mico 'cos I get my lamps cheaper than that.

Ian Bloomer is the Local Rep for the Southwest.


Best way to deal with Mico is to Fax them a list of the lamps you use and ask them to quote prices.


P.S, They're good for cheap batteries as well

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