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Advice For First Dmx Interface


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Firstly forgive me my inexperience in the field. I've loved lights from a very young age, I always wanted to do one of two things when I grew up IT or LightJock, unfortunately I picked IT however I still love effect lighting.


I live in city centre Manchester and regularly have small parties where me and my friends meet up before we go out and paint the town red. I've bought a few lights and small smoke machine before now, however I'm determined to up the anti a little.


I've just ordered a couple of Acme Winner cheap and nasty scanners, now I know these have DMX control and am also looking to connect these up to my PC.


I've been playing with Martin LighJockey 2.0 and would love a cheap and nasty DMX PC interface to connect up my new lights with.


I've seen this USB DMX interface linked below:




Does anybody know what software this will work with and if it's a good buy ?

Alternatively any other software that is better and will do the job I'm after. Also is there an issue with converting 3 and 5 pin DMX leads?


Thanks in advance everyone, I appreciate your expert opinions



Darren Sellers

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