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Comms for hearing impaired

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Hi All


Thinking someone must have had a need for this / might have some ideas.

We are a theatre with a primarily Tecpro comms system, with also a Altair wireless set as well.

We have a tech who uses hearing aids and trying to see if there’s a solution that could help and would be compatible. Other must have had this need I imagine.

The struggle is that with hearing aids in the headsets don’t sit in the right place to work well with the hearing aids, and if the hearing aids are removed the headset doesn’t quite go loud enough to hear properly.

Has anyone got any ideas for kit, or solutions to this. My best suggestion so far was to get a Y lead from canford that splits the mic and headphone signals so a mic could be separate and the output could go into a small Bluetooth box that he has to feed straight into his hearing aids. 

In theory it would work, but is bulky and also mean it’s just the comms into the hearing aids and he’ll then not get ambient from the room / show feed as well. It’s also very clumsy / bulky if on wireless / anywhere else in the building. 

Not sure if squeezing a bit more out of the headset somehow would work without distortion / blowing it. 

Any thoughts / experience of this sort of challenge would be appreciated. 
I have a basic electronics knowledge so happy to look at tweaks to things myself as well as off the shelf solutions. 
Also looking at possibly a punqtum system in the future so anything that would move across to that would be great.


Thanks in advance all!



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38 minutes ago, Jivemaster said:

If they need hearing assistance then they likely have an NHS audiologist. If so, then that person will be able to assist in your search for  wisdom. 

If you live where I do you may find your NHS audiologist has been replaced by an untrained Specsavers machine-operator🙁

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12 hours ago, Chrishaynor said:

In theory it would work, but is bulky and also mean it’s just the comms into the hearing aids and he’ll then not get ambient from the room / show feed as well. It’s also very clumsy / bulky if on wireless / anywhere else in the building. 

Are you certain this is actually going to be a problem? My (very limited) experience is that modern HA's are 99% software based so come with all sorts of tunable features and integrations. It may well be possible to adjust them to work with the audio direct from the headset speaker, even if it's not and you have to Bluetooth or Loop audio in its a pretty safe bet the HA's will have some sort of software for only pumping it to one side or for incorporating ambient audio into the mix.

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Have you asked the makers ? 

I know there was a thread on here, QUITE a while back where someone had a cochlear implant and canford made a custom part for beltpack to implant, 1st of its kind if I remember and worked great. 

I can imagine a maker would be up for making adaptions or have something made but not listed as its super custom.

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Hi All

Thanks for all the suggestions. Some nice ideas. 
Will look into maybe adapting an old headset into a loop instead of a speaker. Not loads of info around if the electronics side of doing that sort of thing but will have a look around. 

I think we have an old DT-108 headset around and don’t think he got on with that either. 

NHS audiologist wise I think at the moment to get anything out of them is months of waiting time, but I’ll suggest chatting to them.

The direct into hearing aid will possibly work, he says he can select which ear does what / chose inputs, so that would be helpful.

Not been on here for quite a while but was having a read through the bluecom stuff so will look into it further. 

I’ve dropped canford an email to see if they have any other products tucked away that may do the job.

Again, as always a string of helpful reply’s, thanks all!

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Ok I know this was post a while ago. I do where a hearing aid all the time.

There is  no need to mod the headset in to a loop the speaker is all ready a loop and if the hearing aid is put in T mode (for loop systems) it will work with speakers. I do this myself a lot. more so when I am videoing a show as I always plug headphones in to the camera to monitor the audio the camera getting. If I dont put the hearing aid in to loop mode it will feedback with head phones on.

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