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1x City Theatrical AutoYoke unit

Mr Steve

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I have a CT AutoYoke unit for sale. This is the entire unit *without* the actual Source 4 profile. The base/pan/tilt section is included, the basket that holds the lantern, the AutoFocus motor and parts, and the AutoIris, and screws. There is a full counterweight set present which will allow you to stick a scroller on the front for the full vintage experience. The power connector that connects the S4 to the AutoYoke is also included. Simply fit your own S4 profile (tungsten version; LED is not compatible with this fitting).

We don't need the unit any more, and have opted to keep the profile out of it. It was 100% working when derigged two weeks ago.

Make me an offer.....

Collection from CB1 or CB9 as it's heavy due to the counterweights.

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