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Apollo Design Technology rebuilds-


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As many of you know our building was involved in a disastrous fire Dec. 9 and is considered a total loss. The vandals have been arrested and have confessed. So there's that.


Exciting news as several new Okuma CNC 4 axis machining centers and 3 axis turning centers with live tooling just arrived. The large format printer for DesignScape, PrintScenic and other items (hint hint) has also been delivered and is scheduled for installation and training. Metal gobo lasers have shipped from the factory and we expect to see them in the coming days. There will be some time to install the custom optics and proper exhaust runs so we can't state a specific 'GO' date at this time.


Our new Microsoft Surface Books are a wiz to use and allow us to work from home on icy/sleety days like today. I'm taking care of business from the comfort of my couch at the moment.


Thank you all for your support and care these past few months as it has certainly been an interesting time. My thanks to the MANY phone calls and emails asking what can be done to assist us over here. You people are what make our industry a family of caring friends, and we appreciate that so very, very much.


I'll post some photos and details as they become available to me.


Thanks all!!!!

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For some reason I hadn't heard about your fire - so sorry to hear it, but very glad that things seem to have taken an upward turn in the weeks since. Good luck with the recovery and rebuilding - onwards and upwards!


Thank you very much, Gareth.

Yes, we're finding the silver lining to this unfortunate situation is that all equipment in our 29 years of business is now being replaced with brand new, cutting edge stuff. That's exciting!!!



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Saw the video tour of the new premises the other day - coming along well.


Yes, thank you.

So yesterday our art director and I noticed a flatbed semi truck with four lasers on it slowly driving by our temporary facility. Our enthusiasm was similar to kids on Christmas morning, let me tell you! Unfortunately the truck stopped three blocks away at a machine shop to unload THEIR new lasers!


We'll begin to receive our equipment next week and look forward to cranking out product soon. :)

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Is it really 29 years since you popped up at the UK PLASA show with your shiny new gobos? huh.gif I've still got an original catalogue somewhere.


You're really close, Sandall.


We first walked the PLASA floor at Earl's Court in 1999 and had our first stand in 2000.


Looking forward to relaunching Apollo with brand new state-of-the-art laser equipment very soon!

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