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Brexit and Covid


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With my admin hat on...


BREXIT, and the repercussions thereafter, and COVID, and it's effects on our industry.


The Blue Room has always been a politics free zone. Some latitude has always been permitted where it was felt in keeping with our general ethos.


In the past few days I've hidden quite a few posts which cross the line.




The situation was best summed up by a member in a current topic...


Project Fear is dead. We now have Project Reality to worry about.


We are now left with the practicalities of getting on with what we do. Be that importing equipment, exporting equipment, touring Europe, or crossing invisible borders. So can we please keep any conversation on those topics?





Yes it's crap out there. Yes our industry, along with plenty of others, has been badly hit. Yes we've all seen people flout the rules. Yes you may have a different idea on how things should be done. But, like Brexit, we are in the reality zone. The situation is what it is. We should be concentrating our efforts on being in a position to get up and running again in a safe and secure fashion as soon as permitted. So, again, please can we keep conversations focussed on the positives please?

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