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Laser control software


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Hi all,


First Post, I hope im in the right place.


Ive purchased a laserworld cs 1000rgb mk2 laser for home use. I realise its in the lower end of high end lasers.

What I'd like to do is to be able to program it to specific tracks for personal use.

Ive bought the dmx512 controller and am having alot of fun with it so far and the effects are stunning.


Ive seen a number of companies providing software and yes the price is very high. The two that im looking at are laserworlds own show editor, and pangolin.

Has anyone had experience of both, the show editor costs £199, and the pangolin £366, both come with the ILDA connecting hardware.


The tutorial videos ive seen are impressive and seem exactly what im looking for - programing patterns and effects to a timelines displaying in wave format.


As I said its for personal use, ive read alot about the safety side of things and have a safe zone I sit in with the DMX to operate it.


Any advice would be much appreciated before I part with more hard earned cash.

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DMX512 isnt really designed for laser use. Usually its just manipiulating a pre installed library of patterns as opposed to creating your own effects.

I would save up and go for Pangolin. Its a worldwide recognised product. There is immense support both from the laser community as well as Pangolin themselves. There are a number of product safety devices that are all compatible with the software and approved for public show use.

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