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Britannia Row Productions Training courses going online


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We have all felt the impact of the pandemic and how it has made 2020 an unforgettable year for the wrong reasons.

For us it was the end of our Training Programmes, we shut our doors in March, not able to continue to operate. A massive impact for us and importantly, students wanting to progress in the industry. We are absolutely delighted that with thanks to a Creative Industry Grant awarded to us, we have been able to convert our training into online training, which will allow our many existing and potential new students to learn online, safely, at their own pace, from tutors at the top of the industry, from the comfort of home.


Our new training programme will commence in mid-January 2021. We will offer beginner and advanced training. Complete courses can be booked – our very popular 'Live Sound Fundamentals' and 'Live Sound Intermediate' courses. We will also offer customised training bundles – Digital, RF and individual sessions will also be on offer.


Our new website is now live and will develop further over the coming weeks to reflect the choice of courses on offer and allow students to sign up.


Meanwhile, if you would like more news on this exciting training opportunity, please visit our new website and 'sign up' with your email address for news


www.britanniarowtraining.com – watch that space for more information coming soon and sign up there for news


We hope to see you online soon!


Britannia Row Productions Training

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