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Online Fire Marshall training

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Hi all


As a facility manager Im required to do Fire marshal training, Ive not done it before and I'm wondering what other people do? Ive seen some cheap online courses, and near me is a St johns face to face course for a few more quids. any recommendations?



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As a facility manager will a fire warden course satisfy your employer's requirements? Will you be responsible for fire risk assessment, evac plans, emergency plans and disaster recovery or just ushering people to safety? Either way I suspect your employers would prefer something "reputable" and in your patch it is Red One Ltd, the commercial training arm of Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service. They do a half day fire warden course including use of extinguishers and/or a full day theory course for managers on the laws, assessments, hazard identifying and responsibilities. Both are IFE approved or recognised which is a label you might want to look for in other courses.


I doubt if these will be the cheapest, far from it, but IMHO having a DFSRS certificate on the wall would stifle any EHO/Licensing Officer query at source. Next best would be a nice big SJA badge.


I would be shocked if the SJA and DSFRS half day courses for fire wardens/marshals were not just about word for word identical.


E2A, are you not a charity? Plead poverty with Red One, can't do any harm.

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Definitely pick a course from a well regarded deliverer. A Local (state/ county) fire service would be good. Anything delivered over the web and you have to keep justifying the course.


Probably look at your establishment's response to an incident! If you are instructed to dial three nines and evacuate regardless that's policy, if you are required to have parallel evac and fire fight then that's the official policy.


My personal opinion -if it's a fire less than a waste paper bin size then you should extinguish it if safe, a fire the size of a skip may be a problem and bigger than that run!

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I did a 3 day course c25 years ago with Berkshire Fire and Rescue. Nothing better than being trained by the professionals.


Getting us to try to put out fires with just buckets of water is a lesson on futility I'll never forget.


The smoke, heat and smell you cannot get on-line.

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Thanks all for the advise, I'm looking into the Red one courses as we speak. I agree that the online courses look very much like they are just designed to tick boxes and not give good grounded training.



Im not fully responsible for evac and building fire risk assessments, (we have a maintenance manager who deals wit this) I am however responsible for fire risk assessments in shows and events.





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