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Martin mac 2000 service manual


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First Google result is for the 2K Performance but useful enough information. Mac2000 Performance Service Manual


Cooling. Keep the cooling system in good order and don't ignore the filters. This is certainly the case for the Performance, but never a bad idea with any fixture. Usual stuff, optics and cooling, filth and airflow. Pretty much all there is to any mover. :)


If you really want tech data, try giving Sound Technology a call.

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Thanks! I'd seen the performance one but didn't know how much it differed because of the framing module... other than that is it basically the same internally?


I've mostly worked on the Performance and Performance II units but I recall that the fixtures in the range are broadly similar. To be honest, there isn't usually all that much in the service manuals that you can't work out for yourself when opening a fixture. Module are designed to be removed for maintenance and a quick visual inspection of the mountings and the wiring usually is enough to work out how the modules come out. The important fixings and the removal order are often quite obvious. When it comes to breaking down the modules, this is usually more involved and we try to perform a lot of cleaning and checking procedures with minimal work unless really needed to replace a part.


The main things that need doing to a working fixture is mentioned in the User Manual regular maintenance section.

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