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Soundcraft Expression 3 console


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I've got a Soundcraft Expression 3 digital console on offer. This is the largest in the Expression range, with 32 XLR inputs available, and four additional line inputs. There are 16 XLR outputs, and an additional four jack outputs.


We've used this desk for a few years, mainly on musical theatre shows where the high fader count was very useful. It comes with a heavy-duty wheeled flightcase, which is very robust and provides excellent protection. There's a "doghouse" enclosure on the back which keeps cabling and connections neatly out of sight - ideal for fussy customers who don't like to see a rat's nest of cables.


You have a total of 31 faders, which can be assigned to inputs, buses, efx returns, or DCA groups. The faders have colour-coded back lighting so you can see exactly what’s what.


There’s a full set of channel strip controls, which makes it a very easy console to use if you have been used to analogue. Each channel has a sweepable high pass filter, compressor, gate, and a four band parametric EQ.


You have four internal FX processors by Lexicon, and a graphic EQ, parametric, and adjustable delay on every output.


By adding a stagebox or input card you can run a total of 66 input channels if you’re feeling ambitious.


I'm only selling this desk because of a recent upgrade to an Allen&Heath DLive system recently. This system has been pretty lightly used - we mainly had it on smaller theatrical style shows, rather than getting flogged in a dusty pub or nightclub. I don’t think we averaged more than one job a month on it.


The desk is in very good cosmetic condition - not pristine, but pretty close. The flightcase was built by AdLib and is seriously heavy-duty, it has definitely helped preserve it.


It recently sold on eBay but the deal went sour - the buyer triggered a refund whilst it was in transit. Thankfully I managed to intercept it before the courier dropped it off to him, and it is currently in their store in the London area. We should be able to organise delivery to somewhere nearby for very little cost, or can arrange for onward delivery anywhere in the country.


It sold on eBay for £1099, but I'm open to offers. I appreciate that nobody is flush with cash right now, but this could be a good upgrade for someone.

















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