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Jands desk, lanterns, Dataflash strobes, etc.

Tom Baldwin

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Having a clear out - offers invited on any of the below (not looking for much money, just want to see things being used rather than skipped!)

Collection from north-east Hampshire - can look at couriering, but not sure how feasible that would be.



ABTT Code Of Practice for Portable Appliance Testing and Advice on Electrical Safety in Theatres

Good condition, can be posted. Free to a good home.



Jands Event 408 desk - good condition, with a flightcase.

Sadly, I don't seem to have any pictures of this one, but it's had an easy life.



Dataflash strobes - 9 or 10 available


Not all have lamps/ tubes; all have the blue tinted lenses as shown.

NOTE: these are the original Dataflashes, which use a proprietary LWR protocol. There is one home-built converter (accepts DMX) available, which can control all of them.



Furse JFR 500W fresnels - 6 available


Some have lamps; some have been resprayed in high temperature black paint.



Altman 360Q Lekos - about 9 available


Not certain of the beam angle any more.

There are also two with much longer lens tubes available - think they are the 6x22 variant


CCT Silhouette 30 1kW Profiles - 4 available


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