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Par can refurb


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During this quiet time I would like to refurbish some old par 56 cans I have. What type of paint would be best to repaint them with? They are black ones so would be a touch up job, rather then a complete redcoat... Sorry to ask but not really a lampy, so out of my know

Edge bank.

Cheers all.


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Also bear in mind that getting paint to stick to Aluminium (assuming that’s what your Parcans are made from) can be a bit tricky. The usual solution to that would be to use an etching primer on the bare Aluminium followed by a top coat, but that depends on finding a primer that can cope with the heat.


When I first read this threads title, I assumed that someone would be asking about refurbishing a Parcan so they can put it on eBay. There’s a PAR64 on a stand for sale for £300-ish pounds!!! Apparently Parcans are ‘retro’ enough for the trendy interior designers/hopeful optimists to take an interest :)


Edit: Good grief! I was wrong!! They want £500 for a Parcan, barn doors, and stand!!! Have a look/laugh here. Right then, I’m just off to raid the theatres scrap bin. I’m sure I could cobble a few grands worth of eBay sales from the tat pile :)

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Yes, halogen will become hard to get for exactly the same reason you can't buy brand-new 5 1/4 floppy disks anymore.


The tooling wears out in the lamp factories, and the factory decides it's not worth replacing because the quantities are too low.


They won't go away entirely - they'll just get more and more expensive as they become bespoke.


PAR will probably be in mass production for the longest, as there's a huge installed base and nothing quite like them.

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