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Strand Permus gubbins...


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Some while ago we removed our 24 ch Permus rack (was new circa 1990) and dismantled it as there was someone on the BR who needed some spares... However I unfortunately got sidetracked (ie had a fall, broke my ankle & wrist) and never got round to picking up again...


Anyways, we still have the box load of bits which are available should anyone want to make an offer.

I know that 2 or 3 of the units were dead, BUT we do also have a handful of spare thyristors that never got fitted before we decided to swap the box for a Chilli rack. So if you did take some on and find a faulty one I can send over a free thyristor as a repair option :)


If anyone is interested drop me a PM and we can talk turkey. I reckon we'd say £25 per piece plus any carriage. Discounts if you want more.


And if anyone wants the empty Permus housing that's available but will be scrapped very soon.




NOTE that there are some Permus parts that will also fit Tempus portable racks - enquire for details.

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