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Probably like some of us, what we normally do on a Sunday has changed radically over the past week. We have moved our services online, but without our usual (hired) venue, we had to make the best of what random equipment we had around across different venues and teams. Given that CV19 is likely to sit around a while, we are going to look to acquire some new kit to make it easier to record worship.


We are looking for a small desk, no less than 6 XLR channels, with the ability to record to PC. We have a larger A&H GLD digital desk which isn't mobile (locked in our hired venue!) so ideally looking for something within the same family, but am rather confused by the offering from A&H, particularly the ZED range. They look within the price range but are there core, practical differences between the ZED Mini and Zed 2 ranges?



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What about the QU16?


Personally I hate it as I feel it could have been soooo much better.


BUT!!! It will work with your current IO boxes, it has a similar interface to the GLD. ultra reliable, built very well and cheap!


Plenty of local IO also to cover you for the time being.


Forget the Zed range. We live in digital times now.


Other offerings in order of preference for me at this size.


QL1 (lovely)

M32r (cheaper than a QL1 but not as nice)


Best of luck.

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I'm using my X18 - and it is brilliant. It can be tucked away out of sight, and it has much more power than I need. I've replaced the iMultiMix8 that I was using, and it is so much better. Gates on each channel to keep noise down, comprehensive eq, even built-in Hi-Z for plugging a guitar straight in. And currently just £350 from Thomann.
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