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5kW fresnels, 5kW dimmers, cabling

Tom Baldwin

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I've got a selection of 5kW fresnels, dimmers, cables, and also some barndoors.


Offers are invited on any or all of this. The fresnels and barndoors are definitely collection only (from north-east Hampshire); the rest could be posted at cost.


To comply with the Blue Room rules, all offers over £500 for this lot will be refused.

To comply with reality, any offer anywhere near that amount would be treated as crazy. I'm not looking to make loads of money, I'd just like to see these things being used.



2x 32A extension cables, about 15m long. The cable is 4mm2, so ideal for use with the fresnels below

(no picture)



4x Ianiro 15" 5kW fresnels, with fairly long cables and 32A plugs. Most have a used lamp, and at least 3 of the four have a TV spigot hook clamp. There are also 3 barndoors for these.

They're huge, and awkward, but have a lovely quality of light that I haven't gotten from anything else.






1x Strand Act3 3-channel 5kW dimmer. Accepts 0 to -10V control input; no local control panel. Currently fitted with 2m of 6mm2 5-core cable and a 32A 3-ph ceeform




1x LitePuter P-625 6-channel 20A dimmer. Accepts 0 to +10V control input, and has local control as well.

It's a hardwired dimmer; the cover for the terminal strip on the back is missing, as are a few screws.




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