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Battery Tester


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Can anyone recommend a tester for primary, and occasionally rechargeable, batteries. Things like AAA/AA/PP3. It needs to be one that applies a sensible load and then displays a reliable estimate of remaining capacity.


I wouldn't mind paying up to £50 for the right product.


I've got one here that needs three hands to use and drives me mad.

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I've never seen a battery tester that reliably indicates the remaining charge in a NiMh rechargeable cell. The voltage is not a good indication of that, unlike with rechargeable lithium cells.


The testers that put a load on a non rechargeable cell also just give a vague state as opposed to a specific value.

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The Ansmann Energy Check comes from a company with a good record in the field, and it does at least have a separate category for NiMH. Indicates charge state in 10% steps, but I have no idea how reliable that figure might be.
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