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Theatrical industrial fixtures


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I'm after something that looks like this:




Size is a little hard to gauge from that picture, but I'm thinking something where 4 of them would light a decent sized dance studio or workshop.


Before I go down the route of sourcing actual industrial fixtures and retrofitting them with components to make them work for the stage, does anyone know of any suppliers who have anything ready-made? Or has anyone already made something similar for a production and would be willing to hire them out?



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Have a look on fleabay, suggested search term is "hi bay light" Most of these are intended for discharge lamps. It should be simple to remove or a least disconnect the control gear and then insert an incandescent lamp. You will probably need GES/E40 lamps. These are less popular than in years gone by but are still available.


Usual caveats about electrical work.




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One of my regular venues had some of these as cleaning lights until they were swapped out for regular fluoro strips. I think one reason that they were swapped out is that they seemed to go wrong quite a bit (dunno what, maybe the ballasts or something) and I think they were actually quite a heavy lump with the control gear on board. The ones we had were fairly large when you got up close to them. They were nicknamed the 'jellyfish' lights. Edited by indyld
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They have very similar units as “house lighting” in the auditorium at our local school, which was built about 10 years ago. These ones are not metal halide - each of the “domes” has 4x fluorescent CFL lamps.


Dimmable, functional, and pretty ugly.

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Thank you all for the leads.


As often happens, the directors decided to go in a different direction so these are no longer required. During my research, I did rediscover "Ancient Lights" Clicky which has an excellent collection of industrial-looking units for hire - in case this thread becomes useful to anyone else.

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