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affordable "cosmos" 2 Axix ball ?


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edit: axiS not axix haha


OK so ever since a young age I've always enjoyed lighting, and one that always caught my eye, not sure if it was on TV (probably Top of the Pops?) or a fairground ride (my local traveling one, probably on a Waltzer or something) was those big 1980's cosmos balls. I've done research over the years and know all the names that did them back in the day like Coemar and Clay Packi and a few others.

Sadly they're super rare.... - so probably sought after and expensive too for that reason. Also they look HUGE! I bet some of them are like 30 kilo! or more!!!


Then out of no where... I don't think I was even looking for modern equivalents but ADJ came out with this new LED cosmos ball ... and a proper one too not those crappy home party / disco "jelly / jello" ones with just one light in the middle of the ball (seems like a massive cop out to me!) It's called a galaxy 1000 or something like that. BUT it's like £99999 which I don't have. Are there any manufactures doing smaller ones for like... maybe around £200-500? LED ones that is.

Love the cosmos ball! I don't think it's a design that will ever go out of fashion really.

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Trying to relate old disco names to what the new crop of LED disco effects are called.


Ayrton have carved a corner with a pile of retro looking LED disco lights with a large narrow beam optic, just like a pinspot lamp.




Not the budget end though, generic name appears to be `football` for single ball cosmos, `led football moving head` brings up quite a few




Harvester`s have morphed into `moving head spider light`




Not yet a found an LED helicopter

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