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Social media - who do you follow.

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Hi all,


Sorry if there has been a post about this before, I couldn't find one.


As the title suggests, who do you follow on social media (related to the profession of course)? I used to follow jldjuk when he was still active and learnt a lot from him. He have great reviews of equipment and vlogs of shows he was doing .


So does anyone follow people like that, who give insight into shoes they are doing, product reviews etc?

Mainly looking for people on youtube.



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What is this social media of which you speak, Earthling?

Generally accepted as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube, old fella.


There’s even this neat way to research things you’re unaware of- https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_media




To the OP- BigClive, AVE, John Ward, Thomas Nagy- and the Backyard Scientist are all on my YouTube playlist rotation

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There are few other decent YouTubers in the lighting game currently still active, the most well known being Christian Jackson. Zyper Lighting has some interesting stuff and David Henry's Learn Stage Lighting makes relevant learning content. 'Shout out' to younger YouTuber, vlogger and upcoming LD Elliot Baines from Spiral Stage Lighting. Elliot is one of the new generation and makes a great job of any show he's let loose on.


The specific user groups on Facebook are a good place to be, as mentioned above. I am a member of many more groups than I see notifications from as I've had to cut out some of the noise from belonging to a lot of things. Even then, I'm pretty choosy as to what I join as the whole concept has the potential to be a barrage of useless fluff.

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A big +1 for Big Clive on YouTube. I don't follow any body else who is specifically involved in theatre/production but if you've got an interest in props, effects etc. then Adam Savage's (Of Mythbusters fame) Tested channel has some interesting stuff. I've also found Colin Furze's channel to be good fun and it does have some quality engineering within it.


Social media wise, as others have said there are plenty of facebook user groups for individual products.




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You should all be following me, surely?






In all seriousness, good follows on Twitter are;


Jimonlight (I don't always agree with Jim, but he states his opinions with conviction.)

Wonder Works (That's Piers Sheppard's company. The twitter feed is good for general industry stuff, though.)


CITT (Ok, maybe of less interest to most of you, but, we try!)

The various "Anonymous" accounts (TD, SM, LD. Most have good snark value.)

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