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Duplex mic and headphones for workshop guides


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We are currently scoping the AV for an education and heritage centre attached to a replacement steam loco workshop. The learning spaces are straightforward with touchscreen displays, decent audio and provision for hearing impaired visitors. Side issue, are induction loops still the tool of choice still?


Back to the main thread. There will also be a viewing area alongside the workshop but acoustically isolated from it. We intend that guides in the workshop will be able to talk to visitors in the viewing area, who in turn can question the guide. All of this also available via the induction loop or whatever?


I’m seeking suggestions for robust, idiot proof solutions for the communication link, which ideally will be of decent quality rather than PMR. Simple use is a must since there will be multiple volunteer users and no resident technical support.


All help welcomed in the spirit intended.


Regards Ian Wilson

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IEM for the guide, or even headphone mic you will need to make questioners come to the "podium" two yellow floor tiles or similar as a visual target, then concealed mic / pzm so punters don't get into tap tap blow can you hear me. conventional PA with radio headset /mic for guide and line out for the hearing assist mixed with IEM feed or guide to repeat the questions.
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