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Zero 88 Betapak channels 456 stuck on full any ideas?


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Schematic is here:




The only thing I can see common across 3 channels is the soft-start circuit. Page 2, centre bottom, signal C2 feeds channels 4,5,6. Otherwise things are paired 1/2, 3/4, 5/6. Not sure that the soft-start could jam things on though.


Give Keith a call at Zero88: +44 (0)1633 833101



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It seems strange that 3 channels in sequence have failed and I was wondering if there was some separate arrangement that drove 1-3 and then 4-6?

If someone has plugged in a faulty fixture into successive channels to try to get that faulty unit to work that COULD be a possible explanation...

Or just unlucky enough to have 3 lamps blow on those channels - which MAY be an indication you could be using incorrectly rated lamps for the supply volts - eg 220v lamps in a 235 or 240v area so the over-current draw is causing lamps to overheat and blow early in life and thus take out the triacs. Just a thought.





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