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Very Old Avo desk and dimmers


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I recently got an AVO QMTD dating back to the late 1980s early 90s and a pair of dimmer racks of the same vintage. I bought these for nostalgic reasons as back then I was a touring rock and roll designer. I toured the very first AVO QMs and really got on with them. This desk however has much later theatre software and I really can't figure it out from what I remember! The desk I bought started out life with the Doyle Carte opera company and I am rather hoping someone on the forum may have a better memory than me and remember a bit more of the programming of this rather wonderful beast!


For the racks I need a set of female camloc mains tails and a set of camloc links to power them up. Although these connectors are readily available in the USA the "safety conscious" UK seems to have replaced these with powersafe types, someone somewhere must have some old camloc tails or connectors that they don't want anymore, I would really like to buy these if anyone has them. They won't be used for real just to get this kit working as a collectors piece!




Cheers AVO8



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Hi Adam

Yeah we did back in the 90's




Funny you should pop your head up today- delving into a poorly 300 at the moment. Old old one so lifting the motherboard to get at the battery is being a pain.....how's tricks anyway? Don't suppose you've got the magic number for upping channel count have you :)


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Well, Thanks to the forum I have made contact with a few people who have history with these desks, I have a power cable for the dimmers on the way and possibly even the manual!


So a side issue has come up and that is the whereabouts of QM TD 1. Apparently it was sold from a school in Edinburgh to someone in Wiltshire. If anyone knows of it or sees it on their travels it would be good to know!



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Yeah all good in Bradford.

Not used a Strand in years.

I will have a look amongst my files and see if I still have it.




Cheers chap- first time I've used Strand for about 5 years as well, couldn't resist for £10 but with everyone going LED the channel count is a bit tight- scary how the numbers rack up with 2 dozen LED cans and 4 movers (village halls are quite well kitted out these days) :)


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Thank for heads up I have bought these?


I did a bit of work on the QM this weekend. Unfortunately the rotary encoders for the wheels are all a bit knackered. They are very stiff so the wheels are not able to turn them as the rubber bands slip. Any ideas how to fix or where to get replacements? I will also need some faders. Some are recovering with judicious application of switch cleaner a couple are just not working.



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