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UK Loudspeaker Market Research

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Hi guys,


I've been tasked with a bit of market research, specifically loudspeaker sales in the UK.


Basically I am looking for some reliable sources of market valuations for Loudspeaker sales in the UK, and then ideally more specific categories ie. Consumer/retail markets, Pro Audio, Cinema etc.


The issue I'm coming across is that anything I can find online costs thousands and is full of extra information that is useless to me, when I only need to find out a few numbers.


Any help to point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

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well constructed research does cost real money, cheaper research may be no more than biased guesswork.


Ye I appreciate that. So leading on from that, would there perhaps be slimmed down versions of these reports with less details for a more affordable price?

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Yes, good market research is expensive. Many of the big market research publishers will sell single pages or chapters of their reports, without having to buy the whole thing (or they did when I was last working in business information research, although that was 10+ years ago!). www.marketresearch.com is a decent searchable database of published market research available for purchase. There seem to be quite a few reports on Loudspeakers, although many of them are global, not UK. If you find something that looks of interest, it may be worth looking on the publishers' own websites, as sometimes they have a free 'executive summary', and purchases may be cheaper than via a third party.


Also, it's worth bearing in mind that companies publish market research for broadly two reasons - they think they can sell copies of the report and make a profit, or they've been commissioned to do so.

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