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Rockaby Rockong Chair


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I'm looking for anyone who has experience of creating the rocking chair effect for Rockaby by Samuel Beckett.


I'm trying to find out what sort of apparatus has been used to ensure the chair moves the exact amount each time? I don't think our budget will stretch to something fully automated.


Thanks in advance.

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I don't think so, the director requires her to sit with her feet on a rest.

It's a long time since I saw it but doesn't the actor rock it?



Thanks for this, may save that idea for another show, unfortunately this production is in our studio space and the audience may well see the apperatus

Not seen it, Not done it.... ButHow about a concealed Cycle brake handle connected to a lever under the chairs rockers.Actor squeezes brake handle to move a lever that moves the chair.??





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There's a "haunted house" rocking chair on youtube.


You could have a high torque/low speed motor driving a wheel with a crank so that the other end goes up/down.

fix the centre of the rocker so it stays in one place.


Noise might be an issue though,


cheap way would be black sash/paracord through the back seat base and a pulley screwed into the stage, pulled from behind.

As in the clip, cctv to help the op control the speed.

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