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Live Sound Technology Course


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Take your career in live sound to a new level.

Ex-graduates of Britannia Row Productions Training's Live Sound Technology Course, now in its seventh year, are working all over the world on many of the top tours, events, corporate shows and presentations and musical theatre productions.

The intensive 12 week full time course is delivered from South Thames College, Wandsworth and from Britannia Row Productions HQ in Twickenham. The course also includes gig visits. The facilities at South Thames include lecture rooms equipped with state-of-the art P.A systems, recording studios, and a sports hall and theatre for trainees to work live with bands and musicians. The facilities at Britannia Row include training rooms and a brand new rigging gantry for PA flying training.

The course covers the basics of acoustics and electrics and all aspect of live sound – microphones, mic & IEM wireless equipment, speaker systems and monitors and onto system design, prediction, analysis and optimisation. The 'house consoles' for the course are new DiGiCo SD10's. Alongside DiGiCo, other console brands taught include SSL, Yamaha and Avid.

The sixty days of lectures and practical days are all delivered by live audio professionals working at the highest level in the industry. This is a unique aspect of the course. Also unique to the course are great mentoring and networking opportunities with people working at the top of the live sound industry.

Our Next 12 week Live Sound Technology Course commences on 4th March.

For those looking for part time options, our 16 week part-time Live Sound Fundamentals (LSF) and Live Sound Intermediate (LSI) Courses start on Saturday 19th January and Sunday 20th January. LSF runs every Saturday though to May and LSI runs every Sunday. The sessions run from 10.00am to 5.00pm on these days at Britannia Row Productions HQ in Twickenham.

Our courses can be booked as a whole or for those wanting to learn about or brush up on a particular subject, can be booked by the session.

Our next LSF/LSI intake after January will be August. For details of all of our courses and how to enrol for them, please visit our website – www.britanniarow.com/training or email info@training.britanniarow.com

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