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Steeldeck Legs


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I agree the weight of the legs is minimal compared to the steeldeck. However having been involved with school events for a long time, watching pupils struggling to control several pieces of poles at a time and the frequency that they are dropped, I'll say every effort should be taken to get the weight down.


As it happens I don't think I have ever been aware of handling steel legs for steeldeck, albeit probably only used it once a year on average.


The fracturing issue is not really relevant, I've been using ali scaff poles for 50 years with expanding joining pins for outdoor PA systems and general stage work and amateur radio field events and occasional real scaffolding and...  Many times I've had to use a long bar or hammer to release the pin where it is so tight but I've only ever managed to damage 5 poles when a vehicle drove through the guy ropes of a 50ft aerial mast and it came down.

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