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Transmit audio over wifi


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Hello everyone,



I am facing a scenario where I need to transfer audio signal over wifi. I am looking for a device which can transmit audio signal over after my audio mixer and receive before go to the speakers.


I am using:

- Soundcraft Si Expression 1 with MADI card:


- Speakers JBL PRX 815W.

Can I somehow using existing equipment transmit audio signal to the speakers?

Is there any other devices which are compatible with existing devices which I can add and make the wifi connection?

Can I use a normal wireless router and connect to the audio mixer, and a wireless dongle to receive the signal before connecting to the speakers?

If there are not compatible devices, is there something similar available on the market so I can transmit the signal?


Many thanks in advance.



Btw I have a Soundcraft Ministage box 16 with the same madi card installed, Can I use that as a combination as well?

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I'm not saying its impossible, but audio over "normal" WiFi is subject to all sorts of problems.


If you can live with a lot of latency, or less latency or dropouts, then a pair of Barix or Comrex boxes will do the job.


The alternative is a connection using high bandwidth wireless networking, like Ubiquiti AirFiber, which look enough like a LAN connection that you can use realtime digital audio across them, for example, using Dante.


Another solution is a dedicated wireless audio link, like Neutrik Xirium Pro.

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Just because the MADI cards use rj45 connectors doesn’t mean they are Ethernet. You can’t connect them to a router like that- MADI is point to point.


You might be able to use DANTE but that probably wouldn’t work with the stage box; and the expression only has the one card slot. I don’t think DANTE is recommended over wifi due to latency issues.


Can you explain more about what you’re trying to do here?

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Are you looking for something to use an existing network/wi-fi infrastructure or is it just a simple wireless point-to-point link you need?

There are a few stand-alone wireless links around that use 2.4ghz (digital but not wi-fi like computers use...), although they can be short range.

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Thanks for everyone for the advises !


I want to connect the signal from audio mixer to the speaker by wireless, two options are available. Using existing network and use new connection which will come from wireless router and send signal. If I use the new connection should I use computer to receive the signal and somehow to transform to xlr connection as I can connect speakers.


Many thanks.

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Unless Im missing something, trying to do it using wifi might be unnecessarily complicating things.If the only requirement is to loose the signal cable from the console to the speaker, you could use an IEM radio transmitter & receiver, with an adapter cable to take the output of the IEM receiver (normally meant to drive earphones) into the speaker.
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