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2x Neutron Pro hazer


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Purchased these on eBay last week on a bit of a whim thinking that they'd be an easy fix. Seller said that fluid pumps were suspected failed in both units. I foolishly replaced both pumps without any proper testing, only to find that they still don't work. On closer investigation, I can now see that the thermocouples on both units have failed. Unless you have a spot welder, this means that the heater tubes need to be replaced.


Both units have clearly had a hard touring life but would be good for spares or, if you happen to have the tools to do it, could be quite easily repaired. They are both complete short of a missing screw here or there and both have brand new fluid pumps fitted. Air pumps seem to be working. The motor on one has a sticky bearing, the other is fine. No obvious signs of any problems with the control PCBs or control FETs to the heater tube.


Looking for £50 for the pair, which is what I paid for them without the new pumps. Collection only from Lincoln, East Midlands. I can potentially deliver within a short distance (25 miles give or take) for the cost of fuel.

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