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Sound Technician /op - London


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We are looking for a Sound Technician.


The job will involve, alongside the Sound Designer , assisting with installing and setting up a simple sound system.

Programming and operating Q-Lab.

Plus assisting with LX and other technical duties as part of the technical team.



Dates would be:

Thursday 28th June – Rig / Fit Up

Friday 29th June – Continue

Saturday 30th June – Lighting/Sound pre- Tech

Monday 2nd July - Technical Rehearsal

Tuesday 3rd July - Technical / Dress Rehearsal

Wednesday 4th July – Dress Rehearsal / Performance 1

Thursday 5th July – Performance 2

Friday 6th July – Performance 3

Saturday 7th July – Performance 4 and 5

Monday 9th July – Get Out


The venue is in Hoxton/ Old Street - London.

Fee in the region of £1000.


Please email tom@nationalcircus.org.uk with CV


Edit - typo in email address corrected.

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